Tuesday, August 16, 2022

IKC Divisions of Competition


VulKan California Open Jiu Jitsu Championships                                                                                                  On Line registration and information CLICK HERE

SMA NBL SKIL Sport Karate
Download Flyer.pdf      Prize Money     Register Online   Down Load Registraion  Rules

USANKF Japanese Okinawan
Download Flyer .pdf     Prize Money     Register Online

IKC American Kenpo
Download Flyer.pdf      Prize Money    Register Online   Discount package Online Registration                            Down Load Individual Registration     Workshops  Registration     Package Deals Registration                         Workshop Schedules and Instructors                Ring Assignments     Rules

Tiger Claw International Chinese Championship     Styles Washu / Kung Fu / Thi Chi                                     Download Flyer.pdf      Prize Money     Register Online

WTF Korean-Tae Kwon Do
Download Flyer .pdf      Prize Money     Register Online

Over all prize money matrix for International Grand Champion   CLICK HERE

Intrnational JKD comparision Workshops and Competition
 Download.pdf  Register Online

SMA Sport Stick and Blade  Coming Soon
Download.pdf  Register Online

SMA Sport Kick Boxing Sport Muay Thai
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