Monday, May 29, 2017

MARTIAL CON / World Championship Martial Arts Competition

International Martial Con

August 12, 13, 2017
Anaheim Convention center, Anaheim California USA
Featuring 2 days of

International Martial Arts Competition

World Renown Workshops
Night of Champions Evening Show.

Sponsored by MyImartial

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Events that will be a part of Martial Con are as follows

  “Jim Egan Cup” 

For Japanese and Okinawan styles, a USANKF sanctioned
National Qualifier. Sponsored by Bushido Martial Arts Supply



                                “World Open Sport Martial Arts Championships

Open to all styles of martial arts. This is an SMACS  World
sanctioned event. Sponsored By MyImartial and EventXpres


World Kenpo Logo  “World Kenpo Championships

For All Kenpo, American Kenpo, Kajukenbo, Lima  Lama
and other Polynesian styles. Sponsored by UKTS



Chinese_elite“Elite World Chinese Championships

For Kung Fu and Wushu styles.

Sponsored by Tiger Claw Martial Arts Supplys



sport KBMT Logo“International Sport Muay Thai & Sport Kickboxing

This is a Non Full contact event for amateurs.

Sponsored by.


Stick and Blade competition and workshops details to come soon


Other events to be added as details are finalized. Stay tuned for updates